12 Facinating Art Exhibits

Art is a great to understand our imagination and nature without giving boredom a chance to sneak in. Art is everywhere, in our building, houses, clothes we wear, in the open beauty of nature, however to be ale to capture this art in our surrounding and put it on canvas or paper is what make art exhibits fascinating. the that is the art of seeing the world in a whole new angle. We can acknowledge that some people are artist and some are art collector or lovers or art pieces.

All in all the passion of art is more than just buying and selling an art piece rather its the ability to get into the mind of an artist and interpret a painting as a collector or make being able to have a unique torch/style of art as an artist.

If you are a lover of art, below are the best of the best global art exhibits worth your eyes.

  1. Architectural design of the museum of modern art is just a form of life to any designer’s eyes. The structural design comprises towers and the museum is simply constructed to an amazing structure. Over 60 years old the site is indisputably a great attraction everything inside it withstanding.


  1. The paint of Sultan Aldi 2 shooting an arrow at a tiger was another great piece of work. Different cultures of the 20th Century India gave the inspiration for this art. The art illustrates royalty fashion of the Indo-Islamic community.
  1. Gravity and grace is another awesome masterpiece. The New York located art is under tight security and is a great combination of creativity and size.
  1. Les ballets de faille is another fascinating art from France. Even the thought this art is only viewed for 2 nights annually, the art will definitely be appealing to your eyes.
  1. The modern classic of thaw Chinese dress by Laurine Ralph is another awesome piece of art. The dress is a great expression of the Chinese culture from the past into the modern times and to the future. An enigma about the Asian giant was almost solved with this dress.
  1. Victorious battle could not be left out of this list either. Although is little to appreciate from the Russian-German wars, the artist created a lifelong impression. This art still shakes creativity of the 21st Century with capture of detail and utilization of color.
  1. Five mythical figures are not only puzzling but also something that definitely opens the human mind. The artists from Belgium created a manifestation of human life through time and age in perspectives challenging to comprehend.
  1. Les Desmoiselles d’Avign is a great work piece that shows prostitute Is from a brothel in Avignon. The work of Pablo Picasso is very attractive with never ending controversies. Nevertheless, the work is simply amazing to have a look at.
  1. If you are wondering, what Chicago can offer to any art enthusiast, the answer is a lot. However, you can have great knowledge and a chance to see the medieval arms. Honestly, armor from such times was art in the same way it was weaponry.


  1. Egyptian collections in various museums across the global are just amazing. Nobody really understands what was in the mind of their ancient Africans but their products were great!
  1. J.Paully museum in Los Angeles is also something worth your time if you are into ancient art.The art center is host to the best of Greek and Roman sculptures that the modern man can only envy with eyesight.

12.Statue of Rocky Balboa is another great exhibition that you cannot deny it has great work and creativity.

Choose from the best

You can thank us for the information once you feed your visual art desires in some of the world best art exhibits mentioned above. There other thousand of fascinating art exhibits around the world,though starting with the best is preferable. Now you have the info, just get there!



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